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paulieAbout Paul

A little background on me:

I started in this biz back in the early 70's, way back when I was still in high school. That's when I built my first studio. I was still a teenager.

Over the years, I've owned and operated five studios, this new one is now number six.

Originally they were located throughout Queens NY, then later in Manhattan. and in the 80's I moved up to Millbrook, NY to get away the from all craziness that was in the city.

I wanted to build a facility where the bands could concentrate on making their record with minimal distractions! And for the last 26 years, we achieved our goal. But recently the industry has changed, and I had no choice but to follow suit.

I present to you all The House of Music NY.

About The Studio

Some info on the new studio, it's concepts, and design:

Basically my new place is housed in a separate room attached to my house. It is an all-in-one-room set up. By that I mean…
The band, and myself (engineer/producer) all housed in one big room together. Just like it was back when I started in the early 70's. And how many of the classic records were made before that time.

I guess I started thinking about recording this way once again simply due to fact that I couldn't grasp the way a lot of bands were recording over the past few years. I’ve noticed, that the quality of musicianship had suffered recently. A lot of musicians / bands / along with their producers were accepting pretty much any performance the artists gave them. Why you might ask? It's simple really. With the technology available today, along with the proper software, a person operating a computer could edit, and or manipulate a recorded performance so much, that in a few hours, everything has been fixed to perfection. Not at all what was recorded, but now made to be perfect!

The quality of music suffered so much in my opinion, that there is no life, vibe or any soul left in said recordings. And you can hear what I'm talking about by just turning on the radio and tuning into any pop station. You'll see what I mean.

That being said, I've built this new place, designed and outfitted it in response to what I personally disliked about what was happening in the music industry as of late. I've set this place up for musicians and songwriters, who want to actually capture what they do, thus retaining all that is real. No bullshit. Hey, I don't mind if we fix mistakes, do a few edits, or whatever is required... that's part of my job, but I will not sit in front of a computer screen and unnecessarily fix every note of a vocal performance, slide drums in time on a grid, or damage a take in such a way that the essence of a performance is lost. If you do want that... well there are many places to go for that kinda thing. Just please don't call me.

What I offer you the artist, is a very intimate, relaxed atmosphere, where you can create your vision, record your project at a very reasonable rate, with some of the finest gear on the planet. Period.

In addition to the gear, you will also benefit from my 30 + years experience behind a console, as either engineer, producer or both.

For more info on my credits, click here...

Back when I first started Miillbrook Sound Studios life was much different as far as the studio biz is concerned. So here we are, 26 years later, and I've now moved the studio into a smaller more reasonable sized facility for the times as they are now.

Basically, the new trend seems to be moving into smaller much more intimate rooms. Personally, this is where my heart has been for the last few years anyhow. I much rather record this way. Everyone set up in one room, the band and I next to each other. For the special few artists, and or bands that want to capture what they do, in an honest fashion... This is the real deal!

Throughout the years I've managed to collect some of the finest Vintage gear from the past, with the most modern up to date digital recording equipment on the planet.

For those in the know, if you look at the photos on our site, or read the equipment list, you will notice the best of both worlds. All available here for use to capture that special moment in time.